Friday, 6 February 2015

Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation and Soft Velvet Loose Powder

So by now you have all probably heard of the latest releases from Nars, I recently looked through my beauty stash and realise it was seriously lacking in anything from Nars cosmetics, what better way to rectify that than with a new foundation and powder. And boy, have I been missing out!!! Lets start with the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation (what a mouthful), rumoured to be replacing Sheer Matte), promoted with the tag line one drop is all that's needed for flawless coverage.

It promises to deliver Full, but natural looking weightless coverage (non longer an oxymoron in the beauty world) with 16 hour wear, due to the flexible polymers that move with your skin for breathability and comfort. It's said to be the first to market with treated gold and green pigments in a perfect 4-1 ratio, to combat dullness and neutralise redness respectively, they also manipulate how light is reflected off the skins surface for instant luminosity. Scarlet Spiderling Root Extract helps to reduce discolouration in the long run, leaving you with a more complexion.

It's available in 20 shades and Macao is a near perfect match for my skin (think between NC45-50 or NW43), I initially thought it had too much beige in it and I was concerned it would make my more pigmented areas turn ashy and grey, but I was wrong, those pigments must be working overtime. I absolutely love this foundation, it is indeed weightless and lasts all day on me, although I would need more than one drop for flawless coverage. However for daytime wear one drop provides good medium coverage, bearing in mind one pump of this is about half the amount of a regular pump of foundation. I have never used Sheer Glow or Sheer Matte so can't say how the shades translate in this, or how the formulas compare.

Next up is the Soft Velvet Loose Powder, available in 8 shades I opted for the shade Heat, said to cater for the deepest true brown skin tones. Although I could have probably gotten away with a number of shades in this, but I ordered online. This powder is for setting your foundation, it helps to control oil and visibly blur the appearance of fine lines and pores with a soft-focus finish. I absolutely love this combo and of course the powder also works well with other foundations, helping to keep oil at bay, with no ashy caste.

I have also recently acquired the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Caramel, so I feel like a true Narsissist (Yes, I know, I'm a little late to the party), this whole combo gives me a gorgeous finished and polished look. The foundation is £32 for your standard 30ml and the powder is £26.50.

I can't believe I waited so long to properly invest in Nars, I will definitely be looking into other products from the range, any suggestions?

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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial

Some time last year did a Today's Special Value (TSV) where you got a 7 piece Sarah Chapman set (all full size) for just under £80, I had been wanting to try the range so couldn't pass up on such great value. The Sarah Chapman Skinesis overnight facial sets you back £46 for 15ml alone, but it was a trap because now I'm dreading this oil running out, what will I do without it.
So let me tell a little about this oil, this serum-oil hybrid has a gorgeous silky texture, one of the best textures in oil form I've experienced. It contains a cocktail of antioxidants, vitamins, anti-inflammatory omega oils, firming Dermaxyl peptide, to brighten and even out the skin tone in conjunction with jasmine and rose for a gorgeous scent. I apply this at night after serum and before moisturiser, and I'm glowing already, by the time I wake up skin is plump, smooth and ready for the day. Over a time I noticed an evening out of my skin tone and I believe this oil has helped me stave off the usual cold weather dehydration. Sarah Chapman designed this to mimic the effects of a Skinesis facial, but in your own home, the oil contains concentrated active ingredients such as Renovage to increase the life span of cells, anti-ageing vitamin A, vitamin C and E (seems to be the magic concoction that works for my skin), Meadowfoam seed oil, Hemp seed oil, melon oil, baobab oil and Jojoba to name a few, these leave your skin refreshed and radiant with the signature Skinesis glow.

Even for a small bottle, this product has lastest a while, but due to the packaging it's hard to see how much I have left, I dread the day I get to the last pump. However the airless pump and opaque packaging protect light and air sensitive ingredients, to keep them active and potent, so you won't hear any complaints from me. It's something I will definitely repurchase, and I'm currenlty keeping an eye out for any offers, and am also eager to try the morning facial. 

Have you tried any Sarah Chapman products? What did you think? Any items on your wishlist?

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

DECIEM; Grow Gorgeous, Hand Chemistry and Inhibitif

I'm so intrigued by Deciem released products, it's a collection of brands launched under the Deciem umbrella, they wanted to release a host of products that will change the beauty industry and have been doing so one launch at a time. I've tried a range of items from the brand, so thought I'd give an overview of what I've tried to date, also see the Hair Molecule review from Fountain.
First up is the Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum; Designed to give lethargic hair follicles a kick up the behind, this will not work on dead follicles. It's an ultra concentrated formula with a blend of 21.5% (that's really high apparently) active complex, that includes hyaluronic acid (of course) with 7 technologies working together to make hair visibly longer, thicker and fuller (same thing?!). It comes housed in a glass bottle with pipette dispenser, for accurate application to the scalp, it's recommended to apply 20 drops daily and the 60ml bottle at £30 should last 2 months. I absolutely loved this, I mainly focused on applying this to my hairline, as this is my main area of concern, so it lasted longer than 2 months. I definitely noticed a thickening of the hair along my hairline and will definitely return to using this once I'm done testing another hair growth product (stay tuned).
The next product is the Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex hand cream, designed to improve the 8 signs of hand ageing with visible results promised in 11 days, it also had the tag line of 'Making hands look 10 years younger in 10 days'. Being in my 30's I'm lucky to not be so worried about wrinkles on my face, but they do say your hands can give away your true age and with very dry hands I'm always on the search for the best hand cream. However my hands did not look younger, and I did not find this hand cream moisturising enough for me, at £19 for a 100ml I used the product up, mainly at night before bed underneath another hand cream, but I will not be repurchasing. I did not give up though and decided to try another hand cream from the range, with a 20% discount code I decided it was worth the risk for the Triple-Function Hyaluronic-Rich Hydrator (what a mouthful), at a more reasonable £7 for 60ml. Promising to offer above and below surface hydration, while forming a protective invisible glove to help prevent moisture loss and boasting ingredients like mango butter I was sure onto a winner. This faired better than it's predecessor, it hydrates and absorbs quickly with a light citrus scent, but was still lacking a little in the moisturising department on my very dry hands. Again it seems the hand creams are not for me, I will use this up, but not repurchase.

Also part of the Hand Chemistry range is the Retin-oil, multi-vitamin dry body oil that's said to target scars, stretch marks (joys of motherhood), ageing, dehydrated skin, surface irregularities and discolouration in just 2 weeks. I've been using this for approximately that amount of time and have to say the smell is not that pleasant, but it does dissipate, I didn't find it moisturising enough on it's own (blame the cold weather) so have been mixing it with another moisturiser, but am yet to see any fading discoloration or stretch marks. I'll use up this small 100ml bottle, but unless something great happens before it's empty I will not be repurchasing this at £20.
Finally is Inhibitif, a range of products designed to minimise hair regrowth so you don't have to shave/wax as often (yes please), I tried the Deodorant, which I loved. However it's probably one of the most expensive deodorants I've used at £9 for 50ml, but it definitely reduced hair regrowth, within the claimed 2 week timeframe. Being an anti-perspirant girl at heart and using this during the summer months I still sprayed my usual anti-perspirant over the top, but this didn't affect it's efficacy. I would definitely repurchase this, in fact writing this post is reminding me that I should have bought it when I had my 20% discount code (sigh).

Have you tried anything from the Deciem branded ranges? On the website you can pick items across all the brands into one basket with free P&P, and it looks like they have no plans to stop with more brands in the pipe line.

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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Illamasqua; Once Collection

The recent releases from Illamasqua have bloggers saying that the brand is going commercial, and becoming boring from there makeup artist lead brand, with everything from teal lipstick to glow in the dark nail polish. I feel that there’s nothing wrong with diversifying the brand and catering to a wider audience, plus Illamasqua do subtle subdued makeup in such a beautiful and different way to the usual nude palettes we see banded around. Included in the range are 3 new cream eyeshadows, a repromoted powder blusher, 2 new lipglosses and a new nail varnish colour. I received 2 of the cream eyeshadows and the nail polish.

The cream eyeshadows are called Vintage Metallix, I received the shades Courtier, which Illamasqua describes as a vintage nude, it’s a pinky beige nude shot through with gold shimmer.  And Bibelot, described as a vintage green, which is a deep green shot through with the same gold shimmer. These are cream-gel textures that provide long lasting, smudge resistant wear, housed in small glass jars, gold lid with the Illamasqua symbol, as well as Illamasqua lettering on the side, which is peeling off as we speak. I love cream eyeshadows, and these are a great addition to my collection, they last well on me without primer, I do not have oily eyelids and are a great base for powder eyeshadow.

The nail polish is called Melange, which Illamasqua describe as a golden teal with a matte finish, it’s a gorgeous emerald green shade with lots of gold glitter, that make it difficult for it to be a true matte shade. It applies beautifully and lasts well on the nails.

The cream eyeshadows are £16.50 each and the nail polish is £14.50 available from, which is a great website as they have mini videos with live swatches and have recently added pictures of swatches on different skin tones.